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Pain Condition --- (Low) Back pain

This is one of the most common conditions affecting the American population. It is more common in people who are involved in repetitive bending or heavy lifting. It is also frequent in people who do prolonged driving (truck drivers, fork lift operators). Chronic Low Back Pain sometimes follows acute injury, like motor vehicle accidents, falls, etc.

It can be due to a variety of problems involving the spine and nearby structures. Common amongst them are muscular sprain or strain, degenerative intervertebral disc (wear and tear effect), arthritis of joints between vertebrae (Facet Syndrome), arthritis of sacroiliac joint (Sacroilitis), etc.

Initial treatment usually includes rest, anti-flammatory medication, and physical therapy. If pain does not improve after a few weeks, then interventional treatment is recommended. Injections are offered according to the cause of the Low Back Pain and include Epidural Steroid Injections, Facet Blocks, Sacroiliac Injections, etc. If injections do not help then minimally invasive procedures like IDET, Facet Rhizotomy (Neurotomy) or Nucleoplasty (Disc Decompression) can be considered depending on the source of pain.


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