Treatments Offered- Facet Neurotomy (Rhizotomy)

This treatment is offered for long standing (more than 4-6 months) facet pain. In this procedure, small nerve branches that carry pain sensation from facet joints are burnt (cauterized) to stop the pain coming from the facet joint. These small nerve branches mainly supply only the facet joint and it is relatively safe to burn these nerves. We use special needles, tip of which can be heated using Radio-frequency energy. During the procedure the needles are placed with X-ray guidance (fluoroscopy) so that their tips get very close to the nerves. When the tip is heated the nerve gets burned.

It is an outpatient procedure that takes 30-60 minutes. It is done with needles only, without usage of scalpel or stitches. It is commonly done with local anesthetic and conscious sedation.

Before a decision is made to burn the nerves, diagnostic facet nerve blocks are carried out to see whether nerve burning is required or not. If a patient gets good short-term relief from diagnostic (local anesthetic) facet nerve block, then nerve burning is recommended.


Disclaimer: This information is for general informational purpose only. Specific recommendation for your pain condition can be made only after evaluation by Dr. Shukla.

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