Nucleoplasty Nucleoplasty

Treatments Offered- Nucleoplasty (Percutaneous Disc Decompression)

Nucleoplasty is a procedure to reduce pressure inside a disc. It is recommended for situations in which a bulging disc is pressing on the nerve and causing leg pain (Sciatica) or Low Back Pain.

During Nucleoplasty a needle is placed in the disc. Through the needle, a wand is inserted in the disc. With radio-frequency energy, wand breaks down a small area (1 cm) of the interior (jelly) of the disc into gaseous vapors, which then exits through the needle. This decompresses the disc. The simplest way to explain Nucleoplasty is to compare it with a tense balloon, which is pinching on a nerve, if we take some air out from the balloon, it will not press as hard against the nerve and the pain is relieved.

Nucleoplasty has good success rate in carefully selected patients. It is an outpatient procedure, done with local anesthesia and conscious sedation. It takes about 20-30 minutes and there is no significant recovery time after the procedure.

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