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Pain Condition --- Neck Pain

Common causes of neck pain include muscular sprain or strain, degenerative intervertebral discs, arthritis of joints between vertebrae (facet joints), etc. When neck pain radiates into an arm it indicates irritation of the nerve root. That can be due to a bulging or herniated intervertebral disc (Intervertebral disc is a jelly donut like structure between the vertebral bones which acts like a cushion or shock absorber. Herniated disc is a condition when the jelly like interior comes out of the disc. It can physically or chemically irritate the nerve root). The nerve root can also be irritated by bone spurs from arthritic facet joints.

Interventional treatment options for Neck Pain include Epidural Steroid Injection, Selective Nerve Root Block (Transforaminal Injection), Facet Blocks, Neurotomy, etc., depending on the specific cause of neck pain.


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